Wild Dog Control

wild dogs

Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management provide a professional, licensed & Insured feral animal removal service to assist in reducing attacks & infestations to your property.

We are experts in providing wild dog management including wild dog trapping, wild dog tracking & surveillance, wild dog hunting & removal programs and provide wild dog pest control throughout all areas of Queensland.

Our feral animal control services can be tailored to suit individual budgets to complete fixed rate removal programs. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management provide feral animal control for domestic, commercial, rural & urban clients through to Government Agencies.

The impact wild dogs have to Australia is devastating and cost Queensland alone $67 million a year, and Australia hundreds of millions with Farmers, poultry suppliers & wool produces some of the worst hit. Not only do wild dogs cause a financial loss but they spread serious animal-borne disease such as hydatids & neospora. Wild dogs are often found in packs but will also hunt solitary. Numerous encounters of wild dogs stalking and attacking humans and house hold pets is only becoming more frequent as wild dogs move into more suburban areas.

Wild dogs are animals of stealth that will move very quietly through bushland to hunt or take advantage of an opportunity that may arise, even if this opportunity is a human. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management have clients that have been working in pairs in rural bushland areas when a pack of 5 wild dogs have appeared out of no where to circle and attack 2 grown men.

If you have spotted wild dogs in your area or currently suffering from wild dogs infestations feel free to contact Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management for assistance. Our complete removal programs include professional reports & footage of feral animal infestations on your property and management options to reduce the likely hood of future occurrences.




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