Turkey Removal

brush-turkey-australian-wild-queensland-hinterland-around-mt-warning-39321478Brush Turkeys are a very destructive pest when it comes to the gardens around your property. Although many methods are advised on various sites such as placing mesh & tarps over gardens, Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management have found from experience all efforts are usually temporary.

If the Turkey can not take the mulch from that area due to mesh or tarps they will normally take the mulch from another garden including a neighbours gardens and bring it right back to the tarp or mesh and begin piling it on top of your DIY Turkey control. This why the most effective Turkey control is to trap and relocate the Turkey to another suitable bushland area.

The male Australian Brush Turkey is very dominant and territorial and Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management have seen on numerous occasions the Turkey attack and kill chickens, chase and bail up dogs and even attack glass windows to the point of breaking the window.

The male Brush Turkey is distinguished by the yellow wattle hanging around his neck and will often be followed by another Turkey. Although the Turkey following may not have the yellow wattle this does not mean it is a female, often times a younger male Turkey will follow the dominant male and at his first chance of taken over the dominant male nest he will attempt to establish himself on the nest until the dominant males chases him away.

The Brush Turkey does have its place in nature as it is very good and spreading new vegetation and seeds to regenerate forests and bushland, but when it attempts to create a nest on a private property it can also up-root gardens leaving them to die. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are experts in Turkey removal and provide a fast and effective means of capturing the Turkey and relocating the Turkey to another suitable location.

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