Terms of Service

Unless agreed upon prior to commencement of the services provided by Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management, payment for our service is required on the day of the service and can be made via Visa/Master card or cash as we do not accept cheques.

If cash payment is required please ensure the correct amount must be given. (We do not always carry change).

Payment via Bank deposit can be agreed upon prior to any work being commenced. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management must be contacted atleast 3 days prior to the service date to ensure full payment for the service is received on or before the service is provided.

The Customer agrees to pay the price quoted and any other charges applicable to the service in full, prior the date of service or upon upon the service unless alternative payment has been arrangement and agreed upon prior to commencement of the agreed service. If payment for our service by invoice has been agreed upon and payment is not made in full within the invoice terms of trade, this will be considered as “Theft of Service” and such action will commence to retrieve all outstanding amounts owed to Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management for their service. Any costs incurred during the recovery process will be charged to the client and a further 10% admin fee on behalf of Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management will be charged every 7 days on any overdue amounts.

All prices and quotations include GST unless otherwise specified.
GST is payable in respect to any service or product supplied to a Customer under this Agreement.

Prior to QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management using a licensed firearm to carry out feral animal removal on a premises,written consent must be obtained by the property owner or the occupier of the land. It is recommended that any site security, centre management, strata management or body corporates are advised of the work to be carried out prior to a commence date.

The Pest Manager only deals with the management and/or treatment of known Pests specified in and not otherwise excluded from this Recommendation & Agreement. The Pest Manager CAN-NOT guarantee the outcome of management or treatment procedures. This is primarily due to the fact that Pests are biological entities which may have cryptic behaviours, survive treatment or which may re-infest from other sources. Treatment may also be impaired due to the limitations of the site being treated such as hygiene, storage and construction.
Breach of the following Limitations by Client may result in the termination of this Recommendation & Agreement.
1. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that any Treated Areas are not disturbed and this includes any baits, monitoring stations and traps placed by the Pest Manager.
2. The Pest Manager must be notified IMMEDIATELY of any evidence of active (live) Pests found.
3. This Recommendation & Agreement does not include the inspection and assessment of matters outside the scope of this Recommendation & Agreement. Accordingly, this is not an inspection report or management proposal for timber pests such as termites, wood borers, fungal decay and chemical delignification or other excluded pests including bed bugs.
4. Inspections only cover areas of the property which are normally accessible. Inspections do not cover areas which are inaccessible or not readily accessible or obstructed at the time of inspection.
5. This Recommendation & Agreement has been produced for the use of the Client named in this document. The Pest Manager or their firm or company are not liable for any reliance placed on this Recommendation & Agreement by any third party other that the disclosed Building Owner named in this document who instructed the Client.
6. This Recommendation & Agreement only applies to the work of the Pest Manager. It does not apply to the work of any other pest manager or successor in business of the Pest Manager.
7. Any agreed service obligations are strictly between the Pest Manager and Client and Building Owner named in this document. All service obligations terminate on sale or transfer of ownership of the property. A new owner must contact the Pest Manager to re-establish cover.

1. This Recommendation & Agreement expressly excludes the treatment, rectification or repair of damage resulting from past, current or future pest activity.
2. This Recommendation & Agreement expressly excludes the treatment, rectification or repair of any pest management treatment or system which has been damaged through the actions or inactions of the Building Owner or its servants, agents or invitees.

The Client acknowledges (see also Item 5):
1. Before the commencement of any work or on breach of this Agreement, the Pest Manager reserves the right to terminate this Recommendation & Agreement at the Pest Manager’s absolute discretion. In this even, any fees, deposit or other monies paid by the Client will refunded other than the cost of work executed to the date of termination of this Agreement.
2. The Pest manager shall not be liable for failure to perform any duty or obligation that the Pest Manager may have under this agreement, where such failure has been caused by inclement weather, industrial disturbance, and inevitable accident, inability to obtain labour or transportation, structural or environmental conditions, or any cause outside the reasonable control of the Pest Manager.
3. If during the course of undertaking the agreed Service Option it is found that structural or environmental conditions prevent the Pest Manager performing any sections of the agreed service option, then the terms of the option offered will be reviewed and the cost of the service option revised. The prices quoted are valid for 30 days, after that the Pest Manager reserves the right to make revisions.
4. No liability will be accepted for damage done to concealed services such as telephone, power, gas, water or drainage by drilling and/or cutting through masonry, concrete, timber or other surfaces unless clear and accurate plans of such services are provided to the Pest Manager prior to commencement of work. The Building Owner shall indemnify the Pest Manager from the costs and damages that may arise from any action, suit, claim or demand which arises from the failure of the Building Owner to supply these plans before commencement of work.
5. The Building Owner accepts that in undertaking this Recommendation & Agreement damage may be caused to the property. The Building Owner will not require such damage to be rectified and indemnifies the Pest Manager from any claim arising from such damage where it occurs in the normal course of carrying out any agreed Service Option.
6. The Pest Manager reserves the right to revise the price of the agreed Service Option if the Building Owner or their servants, agents or invitees restrict or hinder the Pest Manager’s free access to the Property.
7. All monies are due and payable, upon invoice. All agreements to provide future services are void unless payment has been received in full.
8. The Building Owner warrants it will provide full co-operation with the Pest Manager during the term of any agreed Service Option, and agrees to maintain the treated area(s) free from any factors contributing to pest activity.
9. The Pest Manager must be notified immediately of any evidence of active (live) pests found.
10. The Client warrants that he is authorized to bind the Building Owner to this Recommendation & Agreement.
The Client acknowledges:
1. If the Building Owner or other occupants of the property or adjacent building believe they are sensitive to chemicals including Pesticides or their odours, the Building Owner must advise the Pest Manager in writing in advance of treatments, including whether the Building Owner or other occupants have consulted with a medical doctor or other healthcare provider regarding such sensitivity. The Pest Manager reserves the right, upon receipt of such notification, to deny or terminate service. Failure to provide notification represents the Building Owner’s assumption of risk and waiver of any claims against the Pest Manager in connection with such sensitivity.
2. When requested by the Pest Manager the Building Owner must protect or remove any people, animals, birds, fish, household goods or possessions during the treatment period.
3. The Building Owner must at all times strictly follow any written or oral advice, recommendation or information given by the Pest Manager.

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