Possum Removal and Control

hPossums although cute and cuddly are also classified as a pest once they enter your building, and therefore it is the owners responsibility to have a permitted possum controller carry out possum removal. Possums will enter buildings and roofs and in doing so will regularly cause damage to the building while entering, once inside your building or roof they can cause significant damage to electrical wires and roof sheeting. Possums will make their way inside your roof via an entry point or numerous entry points which sometimes can even be heard by the client as the possum thumps its way through the whole each night. The possum will usually sleep inside your roof or walls during the day time until he wakes at night to search for food, at which stage it will the leave through the entry/exit point to venture outside.

Often times possums can be heard fighting insides roofs and will regularly fall through a vent or laundry shoot and end up inside the actual living quarters of your home. Not only are possums a noisy pest, they will defecate and urinate throughout the walls & roof of your building leaving staining on ceiling sheets and odours that can often be smelt through the walls.

If you are hearing sounds in your roof, you are in need of a possum catcher. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are experts in possum removal and will carry out a possum inspection of your roof to find all the possum entry points.

Once the entry points are found, a number of possum traps will be set and the client will be informed of all the possum entry points and given the option for the client to seal these gaps them self, or alternatively Qld Pest& Feral Animal Management can provide a cost for these entry points to be sealed at the time of the visit with a 5 year warranty from our professional possum technician.

For the odd possum rescue job where a possum has become caught or stuck Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are able to use equipment such as telescopic snares to reach the possum and safely place the possum in a trap for relocation later that night.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are also licensed and euipped to work at heights safely as anything over the height of 2 meters requires a working at heights licence. Weather you have a possum issue on a domestic property or commercial property QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management can provide a professional possum removal, sealing and trapping service while working in accordance with regulations to avoid un-neccessary fines. QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management provide possum removal pest control service to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich regions and will quickly and professionally have your property protected from possum infestations.

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