Fox Control

FeralSlider1Foxes although rarely seen by urban properties are very well present in suburban areas with many people unaware of foxes in their own backyard. Although the disease rabies has not yet been established in Australia, if it ever was foxes would provide a reservoir for infection that would make rabies almost impossible to eradicate, as foxes are capable of contracting and spreading this disease along with many other mammals.

Being that foxes are an animal of stealth and extreme caution, the fox can be very difficult to catch for the average property owner, and a professional fox catcher or feral animal controller is more then often needed. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are well experienced in fox removal and fox pest control programs providing fox control throughout QLD.

Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management provide a number of effective fox control & eradication solutions including fox trapping, fox shooting, fox calling & the use of night vision optical equipment for night time fox eradication and control. QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management provide effective feral animal control & removal for QLD Regions, Ipswich, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Southern Downs and surrounding areas.


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