Feral Deer

red-deer-run-wild-clearing-48058588Feral deer throughout QLD are a huge feral pest control issue for landowners. Deer are highly adaptable to the environment and their dietary requirement, requires them to have twice as much protein as cattle, therefore they will eat the highest quality plants in a pasture. Deer are considered a pest if they are not contained to a property due a number of reasons. Deer are responsible for fouling water holes and can cause erosion to land due to trampling and over grazing. Deer cause significant damage to semi-urban areas, parks and fences and other horticulture land/properties including the abundance of native plant species.

Not only will feral deer cause damage to land but they can cause a loss to livestock as deer are susceptible and can transmit bacteria and disease such as foot and mouth disease, cattle tick and bovine Johne’s disease which is a serious and incurable disease to cattle that can result in the cattle’s death.

Control of deer can be implemented in a number of ways which include trapping and shooting, but the most important part of deer management is preventing more deer from entering the wild. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management provide a professional feral deer pest control service using a number of trapping and shooting techniques. To discuss your deer control options contact Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management today!

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