Wild dogs in the South Burnett Region, Blackbutt, Kingaroy & Yarraman area a serious issue, with large packs terrorising properties and killing large numbers of stock on a daily basis. With the surrounding bushland and national park areas, these wild dogs have easy access from one property to another, and controlling these feral animals can be time consuming and difficult for many farmers and property owners.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are regularily servicing clients throughout these locations and have seen the damage caused by wild dogs on a weekly basis along with the added and stress to the property owners. QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management can assist by offering a professional experienced wild dog eradication service that is licensed and insured to ensure your property is under the care of a wild dog control professional . QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management will assess a property to discuss the current issue at hand and wild inspect for signs of wild dog activity and suitable locations to implement to carry out wild dog trapping while also using a combination of wild dog control techniques such as wild dog calling and shooting.

If your property is under attack by wild dogs, QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management can implement an appropriate wild dog plan which includes the  use idustry leadingfg products such as night vision and infra-red cameras, professional lures and and a experienced wild dog trapping and removal service. So don’t wait for the issue to become out of control, act now and conact us to discuss your options. Many local council shires also offer bounty for wild dog scalps which can also assist with many services offered by professional wild dog controllers. Contact us today!