Wild dog ClagribaThe Gold Coast Hinterland area is a haven for wild dogs with areas such as Guanaba, Clagriba, Tamborine Mountain, Springbrook and Numinbah being heavily infested and numerous property owners concerned with the close perimeters the wild dogs are willing to venture. Numerous people have often been sprung on their morning walk or run through the Hinterland with wild dog sightings becoming a daily encounter.

Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are regularly servicing the Gold Coast Hinterland surrounding suburbs providing elite wild dog control programs and are all to familiar with what the bushland provides. Often times property owners will take on the wild dog trapping themselves which has minimal success due to the professionalism that is required to outsmart an animal that travels these bush trails on a daily basis.

Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are experienced wild dog trappers and hunters and have the knowledge and experience to provide an elite wild dog removal service. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management are licensed & insured shooter and depending on your land and infestation a tailored wild dog control program can be implemented to reduce the wild dog numbers and allow the Australia fauna and wildlife to thrive. Wild dogs will travel excessive distanced regularly killing wildlife, livestock and poultry and unless feral animal pest control is implemented the issue will only continue to increase every year.

Wild dogs are aggressive and will often stalk their prey including humans until the perfect opportunity may arise. Qld Pest & Feral Animal Management will take the risk out of your hands and effectively carry out a wild dog eradication service to ensure your property is in the best of hands! 1300 79 67 61