Pigeons like every other living creature reuire a suitable, safe home that provides warmth and shelter, and for pigeons this often comes in the form of roosting in factories, under bridges and one that we deal with every week of the year is pigeons under solar panels Brisbane and pigeons under solar panels Ipswich.

Majority of times they will go for the highest or one of the highest homes in the street and once they have picked the right roof top with solar panels they are then set. Solar panels on roof tops provide a ideal home for pigeons giving them a high look out point during the day and a ver sheltered warm home at night. Pigeons being homing pigeons will not move on once they have set up leaving the only option for this issue being eradication through pigeon trapping or baiting or to prevent access under the solar panles by professionally sealing up theh solar panels to prevent pigeons infesting under the solar panels.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management provide many services for pigeon control of solar panles in all areas of Brisbane and Ipswich and find may areas are hot spots through these cities such as many locations in North Brisbane. The system we use requires no drilling of the panels so no warranties on the panels themself are voided and along with the sealing we provide a anti-bacterial wash of the panels and under the panels to neutrelise bacteria associated with their droppings such as Ecoli & Salmonella.

Not only will our pigeon control prevent access from pigeons but we have found on many occasions possums will sometimes set themself up under the panles also and snakes will also infest under the panles as they are attracted to the smell and the pigeon eggs under the panels, therefore our product is a very tight steel mesh that will prevent access from these unwanted pests also.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are the number one professional servicing pigeon control for solar panles throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast and can assist with your pigeon control issues. Once the pigeons home has been sealed and access is prevented they can no-longer infest this area which forces them to move on to another location.

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