Pest animal control in the Gold Coast Hinterland area such as Canungra and Numinbah is in high demand at the moment with an increase of wild dog attacks on livestock and foxes roaming over multiple properties preying on poultry. QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are professional pest animal controllers, wild dog trappers and fox control experts that provide a licensed and insured feral animal reoval service to the Canungra, Numinbah & Gold Coast Hinterland areas and multiple Queensland regions.

When dealing with pest animals such as wild dogs, foxes and feral cats, controlling these pests can not be shrugged off as they only continue to breed and multiple each year and for some pest animals multiple times a year. Controlling feral animals is best to be actioned upon asap if activity has been present on your property.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are equipped with the latest feral animal control equipmemt and 4×4 vehicles to access all areas of your property and implement an effective feral animal control program which may include the use of wild dog and fox traps, hunting rifles equipped with night vision optical equipment, infra-red ┬ácameras to aid in pest animal detection with a proven experience and knowledge in the removal of feral animals from your property.

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