The are of Logan and surround suburbs such as Greenbank and Karawatha are heavily infested with a variety of feral animals such as foxes, wild dogs and feral cats and QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are equipped and regualrily carrying our feral animal control such as wild dog, fox and feral cat removal services in these area which can involve many methods of eradication such as trapping, hunting, night hunting.

QLD Pest & Feral Animal Management are well established and experienced to tackle your feral pest animal issues providing a professional licensed and insured feral animal removal service equipped wild dog and fox calling techniques, night vision cameras and rifle scopes and infra red thermal cameras all to assist in a accurate and reliable feral animal pest control service.

Weather your issue is located an acreage, industrial or commercial, or you are simply an average domestic property that is experiencing the loss of chickens, geese etc we have experinced it all and will tailor an effectice feral animal eradication service!

Don’t hesitate as feral animals only conitnue to breed and re-infest and will also establishment themself on your property which will only increase the issue you are experiencing, act before the issue becomes for costly and detrimental and contact us today!